Rental Duration:
- For event short period rental only
- Calculation based on per day rate

What’s Included:
- 1 x Kiddie Ride
- 1 x Extensions (if needed)
- Free mode / 100 tokens will be provided for each machine

Optional Add-Ons:
- Game coordinators: RM200.00 per head/day (Maximum 10 hours working hours, with 2 breaks)


Treat your little ones to a memorable adventure with our delightful Kiddie Ride. Designed for young children, this ride offers a safe and enjoyable experience in a colorful and interactive setting. Perfect for parties, events, and family gatherings. Make their day special with our charming Kiddie Ride rental.


  • Designed for Young Ones: The Kiddie Ride is tailored for young children, offering a safe and enjoyable amusement experience.

  • Diverse Themes: Available in a variety of engaging themes, such as animals, vehicles, fairy tale characters, and more, allowing kids to choose their favorites.

  • Interactive Entertainment: Equipped with interactive features, enabling kids to engage in games and activities while riding, adding extra fun.

  • Colorful Design: The vibrant and colorful design captures children's attention, creating a joyful visual experience.

  • Safety Assurance: The Kiddie Ride is equipped with safety measures to ensure children's protection during the ride.

  • Versatile Occasions: Suitable for various occasions, including birthday parties, events, family gatherings, etc., adding excitement to kids' special moments.

  • Easy Setup: Simple and user-friendly setup process, making it convenient for quick installation in different venues.

  • Flexible Rental Options: Offers flexible rental choices to accommodate various event budgets.
    Through these features, the Kiddie Ride provides young children with a delightful entertainment option, bringing joy and vibrancy to diverse occasions.


Delivery & Setup within Klang Valley


How to play ?
No manpower needed , insert token to activate !

What if there's missing or broken tokens after the rental ?
It will be charge RM0.50 per unit 

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley ?
Yes. For Outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges.

How much will be charge for Transportation / Round Trip / Set Up and Dismantle ?
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Klang Valley: RM800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Northern / Southern: RM1,800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to East Coast: RM2,500.00 per return