🕺✨ Get ready to groove at the PTTEP 70's Retro Party!

02 Dec 2023
🎉 Let's transport your event to the disco era and inject some retro vibes into your celebration! 🚀 Don't settle for dull and boring – let's turn up the fun factor with our innovative party machines!

🌟 Spice up your party with our revamped claw machine – it's not just for toys anymore! Think outside the box, literally! Add mystery with boxes inside the machine, giving your guests an extra thrill! 🎁 🕹️

Remember the good old days with the iconic arcade machine – a symbol of the era! Does it bring back fond memories for you? Let's recreate that nostalgia and make your party an unforgettable blast from the past! 🎮 💃

We're here to elevate your party experience, making it more vibrant, lively, and utterly fantastic! 🎊

📣 Contact us for events of any size – we've got you covered! WhatsApp us at 010-3410018 or visit

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