Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine
Claw Machine


Claw Machine



Claw Machine consists of a glass-fronted cabinet with a collection of prizes displayed inside. The prizes can range from plush toys, keychains, electronics, and other small items. Claw Machine Prize Crane Game as a merchandiser arcade machine. It builds into the game a lot of enthusiasm and a feeling of “I can do it” attitude. Many times expensive branded t-shirts, popular electronic toys, water bottles and much more. The important point of Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is not the value of the item the person wins, but the mental euphoria. As he/she gets by way of recognition from the company through promotional merchandise.

Game Equipment Rental


  • 1 Day Event
  • 1 x Claw machine
  • 120 x Capsule Ball (10cm) (Need to be returned)(Optional)
  • Free delivery & Setup wintin Klang Valley
   Size (important)
  • 76cm (L) x 52cm (D) x 206cm (H)
   Optional add on
  • Subsequent Day - RM 400
  • Branding Wrapping on Machine - RM 380
  • Event Crew - RM 200 per Day


How to play ?

  1. insert token or set free play to activate machine
  2. Once activated, they have a limited amount of time to position the claw above the desired prize.
  3. Using the joystick or control buttons, players move the claw horizontally and vertically to position it directly above the target prize.
  4. The controls typically offer limited precision, making it challenging to grab the prize successfully

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley ?

  • Yes... for outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges

What is the required power assumption?

  • 240VAC@ 50Hz, 2.5 amps

Any info management needs? 

  • Lift size dimensions for equipment to access during setup/dismantling on different floors.

  • Entrance door dimensions for direct access during setup and dismantling.

  • Necessity for carpet or canvas to protect the floor, considering any requests from the venue management.





Jaya Grocer pre-opening event


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