6 Seaters Carousel
6 Seaters Carousel
6 Seaters Carousel


6 Seaters Carousel


The 6-seater carousel is a delightful amusement ride designed for children. With six charming seats, it offers a compact yet enjoyable experience, making it ideal for kids' parties, events, and carnivals. This carousel creates a fun and magical atmosphere, providing a memorable entertainment option tailored specifically for young children. Its smaller size and kid-friendly design make it a perfect addition to various festive occasions, ensuring a joyful and whimsical experience for the little ones.

Game Equipment Rental

  • 1 Day Event
  • 1 x Carousel with 6 seaters 
  • Free delivery & Setup wintin Klang Valley
   Size (important)
  • 210cm (L) x 210cm (D) x 260cm (H)
   Optional add on
  • Subsequent Day - RM 2,500
  • Event Crew - RM 200 per Day


How to play ?

  • No manpower needed , insert token or set free play to activate !

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley ?

  • Yes... for outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges

What is the required power assumption?

  • 240VAC@ 50Hz, 2.5 amps

Any info management needs? 

  • Lift size dimensions for equipment to access during setup/dismantling on different floors.

  • Entrance door dimensions for direct access during setup and dismantling.

  • Necessity for carpet or canvas to protect the floor, considering any requests from the venue management.

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